Art and Music centre, Öland, Sweden
Helle Kvamme and John Leo Carter moved from Ireland to Öland in 2006 and have since then welcomed a number of projekts to the Island. Musicians from all parts of the world have worked and played at yellowbox.In 2007 we had our fist Artists in Recidence.

Yellowbox in Sättra, a Village in the Centre of the Island Öland .Sättra has become known in Sweden for its Cultural Activity. 4 kilometers to the beach on the east coast and 35 kilometres from Kalmar.

Our Facilities
Indoor venue for 80 people 
Two outdoor stages
Recording Studio
Exhibition Area
Large kitchen
Accommodation 12 people
2 cottage

International meeting and workplace for artists and Musicians in all stages of creation.
Through cultural activity, local and international y, strengthening networks whilst making new collabortions possible.

Previous projects
Secret Festival 2009-2012. Music residency  ( ten musicians from feve countries work on a concert together for four days. The concert is performed at four secret locations on the Island of Öland.
Plus/Minus (2008) Visual Arts project. Site specific under the theme of tolerance. 10 artists worked together in Sättra for two weeks. Project was initiated and curated by SKART; Ireland
Öland international singer/songwriting festival (2006)
Island to Island (2004)  Visual art residency from Finland Ireland and Sweden. Sound-art and sculptural installation/performance.

Ongoing Projekts
Hemlig Festival 30 june to 2 july 2011 See webbsite
Internationall world music festival. Music presented at secret locations on Öland

We Welcome
International Partners for collaboration in visual Arts and music projects.
Project ideas to take place on Öland with Yellow box as a base.
Art and music submissions for our projects
Art and music residencies to take place 2 weeks -2 months.