South Parish Cork, Ireland - 2005

I was invited to do a residency in the South Parish, researching the effects of economic growth for small family businesses in the area. I visited a number of businesses (television repair shop, engine repair shop, blacksmith, jewellers. brass workers, mechanics, coal yard & delivery service, florists, artists, furniture repair shop) all threatened to close down as a result of the fast changing economy, the Celtic tiger. This area was attractive to large multinational companies that wanted to establish offices in the City Centre.

The race against the Machine, Film (19 min)
Reflecting on the physical presence and the manual actions of business in South Parish. The natural rhythm to the workers and personal history provides place unique. On the other hand it is map of streets that is of interest to developers and their machines.Mimie, 78, had a textile studio on Barrack Street. She was sewing through the map of South Parish whilst I through a 19 min long walk recorded the actual place. The Film was presented in the Responses Exhibition in South parish. Project was financed by Cork Capital of Culture, 2005re

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