About Helle Kvamme

Helle Kvamme, has been based in Sättra on Öland, since 2006. Having initially studied art in Sweden, Helle completed her education and graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork 2004. She is currently working on setting up an art and music centre, the Yellowbox, to encourage collaborations and site-specific events. Her work often reflects on a physical place and the challenges within a defined area. She is a director of the Association NY Kul Ö (innovative culture on Öland) and artistic consultant for the Leaderproject, the Secret Festival, on Öland.

Artist statement
I have no choice but to continue this journey. The interaction with unique environments and places has provided me with an evolving language. Characters I have encountered have influenced me and given me new directions, and meanings. The creative process is a mystery to me. I am baffled by the hold it takes and where it brings me. New challenges, new meetings, cup of tea, chaos, questions without answers, a broken nose or a red carpet.

I can only but surrender

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